Focus and Energy Psilocybin Mushrooms

Focus and Energy Psilocybin Mushrooms


If you are looking for a natural way to increase your focus and energy levels, look no further than psilocybin mushrooms. Psilocybin mushrooms have been used for centuries by indigenous people for their medicinal and spiritual properties. These mushrooms are nonaddictive and have been shown to be safe and effective in clinical studies.

Infinite Health – Psilocybin Mushroom (Psilocybe cubensis) 350 mg, Proprietary Energy & Euphoria Blend 325 mg – (Asian Ginseng (Panax ginseng), L-Theanine, Beta-Phenylethylamine (beta-PEA), Natural Caffeine (50 mg).

15 Vegetable Capsules

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Panax ginseng

A plant that contains bioactive compounds such as saponins and polysaccharides, which have been used to enhance immune function and fight against cancer and several other ailments. Its traditional use has mainly focused on its ability to improve physical performance and general well-being of humans. More recent studies suggest the possibility of ginseng having an impact on the cognitive performance of healthy people.


An amino acid that, unlike many other natural substances, does not have any significant effect on the mind. Also known as Suntheanine, this substance occurs naturally in tea, and it has been getting a lot of attention lately due to its unique calming effects while at the same time having very little side effects. It does not act as sedative, but it can help to reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety.

L-Theanine Benefits List

1. Reduction of Anxiety Symptoms

2. Reduced Stress and Improved Mood

3. Improved Ability to Focus and Concentrate

4. Healthy Skin

5. Stress Reduction

6. Improved Sleep

Beta-phenylethylamine (PEA)

PEA is a neuromodulator and a neurotransmitter. This means it controls how your neurons transmit signals to each other and affects their activity. PEA influences the release of several important neurotransmitters, including dopamine, norepinephrine, and especially serotonin.

Phenylethylamine is also a natural amphetamine and releases adrenaline. Similar to amphetamines, PEA stimulates the central nervous system (CNS) and speeds up your metabolism. This is why it is often used as a weight loss supplement and stimulant.

PEA has been shown to help with several mental conditions due to its mood-boosting effects. It is known to help with depression , chronic fatigue syndrome, obesity, PMS , and even conditions related to Alzheimer’s disease.

Phenylethylamine Benefits for Mental Conditions

PEA has also been shown to increase focus and alertness .

PEA can also improve your mood and reduce feelings of stress, anxiety , and even aggression. This is why it has often been considered to be a natural antidepressant.

Natural Caffeine

Studies have shown many health benefits of caffeine, especially when it comes to weight control and preventing diseases. Here are some examples:

-Can help with losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight
-Helps burn fat instead of carbs
-Can reduce incidence of stroke or other cardiovascular diseases
-May help prevent Alzheimer’s disease – Can improve athletic performance
-Helps fight Parkinson’s disease by protecting against brain cell damage in the midbrain region

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