What Are the Best Steroids For Weight Loss?

You might be surprised to know that not all steroids are created equally. Some steroid drugs are better for burning fat, while others are best at putting on lean muscle mass. If you’re looking to lose weight fast, you definitely want to use a steroid drug that is specifically designed for the purpose of melting the pounds. Trenbolone is one such drug. If you’re looking for an alternative steroid to put on muscle, Deca-Durabolin is a good choice: it’s not particularly fast at building size and strength, but it is very effective at promoting the retention of nitrogen and stimulating new muscle cell growth.

First, you need to inject the steroids in your regular injection sites for at least 3 months to see how it works on you. Do not take more than 40mg of Deca and test the water with 10mg Trenbolone at a time. You can inject these drugs in your buttock or delt.

How Many Injections Are Enough?

Most steroid users find that they need to inject themselves at least once per week, and some need to inject twice per week, in order to maintain their blood levels of the drug at an even level. This may not be enough for everyone who uses these drugs, so you should experiment with different injection schedules until you figure out what works best for you.

Some very muscular steroid users inject only every 5 to 7 days in order not to overstrain their bodies with excessive levels of the drug in the blood.

When you first start using steroids, you should inject them at least once per day for the first two weeks so your body can adjust to handling these foreign chemicals in its bloodstream. After that point, you can slowly, over a period of weeks and months, reduce your injection schedule until you find the steroids are still working for you with only once or twice weekly injections. Be sure to always inject more frequently when first beginning a steroid cycle: as time goes on and your blood levels of the drug build up, it gets harder and harder to gain weight.

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