HCG 8000 IU Injection


HCG 8000 IU Injection

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Helps to restore testosterone production

Used for PCT

Recommended when finished a heavy cycle

Helps restore shrunken testicles


HCG Suggested Cycle:

Cycle Duration: 3 to 4 weeks

Suggested use: 1500iu every 3 days


HCG Specs:

8000iu per vial

Xfuel HCG: 8000iu Human Chorionic Gonadotropin


The HCG hormone is used as a means of weight loss because it tricks the body into thinking it’s pregnant, sending the metabolism into overdrive. Combined with the HCG diet the hormone can eliminate some hunger pains, leading to fast and dramatic weight loss. For bodybuilders, though, it can help with one of the most prized hormones of them all: testosterone.


There have been reports that HCG helps with testosterone production in males. Many doctors around the world prescribe HCG to men with hypogonadism and to combat low testosterone and infertility. Sure, you can use testosterone-boosting products to get those results, but many of those products have drastic side effects, like infertility and a shrinking of the testicles. HCG, on the other hand, combats those side effects.


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The water you need to reconstitute HCG is bacteriostatic water.

Calculating HCG:

There isn’t a specific ratio of ml to IU. It depends on how you mix it. It’s quite simple. If you dilute 5,000 IUs HCG with 5ml of bacwater, the end result is 1,000 IUs per ml. Divide the same 5,000 IUs with 10 ml and the end result is 500 IUs per ml. Therefore, a large part depends on the concentration of hCG per ampoule or vial.

Mixing hCG:

Items needed: bacteriostatic water (not the water/solvent that comes with the kit) and some 5ml empty sterile vials or some syringes/slin pins.

1) Open hcg/amp with powder

2) Use a syringe to pull out 1ml of Bac Water and put in amp with hCG

3) It will instantly dissolve

4) Take syringe and add the mixed hCG solution to the sterile vial

5) Swirl gently and you have 5000IU’s of hCG

6) Then draw 0.2ml (1000iu) and inject

7) put the rest in the refrigerator

8) Only use as much bac water as you need, too much may have a detrimental effect when the reconstituted hCG is stored.

9) For multi dose vials of powder (IE 5000iu) simply flip off the lid, draw up 2.5ml of bac water and squirt into the vial, then every 0.5ml or 50 on a 1ml slin pin will be 1000iu.


Based on studies with normal men using steroids, 100iu hCG administered everyday was enough to preserve full testicular function without causing desensitization/saturation associated with high doses of hCG.

A more convenient alternative to the above recommendation would be a thrice weekly shot of 250iu hCG, or possibly a twice weekly shot of 500iu. However, it is most desirable to adhere to a lower more frequent dose of hCG to mimic the body’s natural LH release and minimize estrogen conversion.


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