TNT 200


TNT 200

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Faster acting version of TNT 400

Fast muscle and strength gains

Short cycle duration

Low water retention/side effects


Cycle duration: 6-8 weeks


Suggested use: 600mg per week


TNT 200 is a faster acting version of TNT 400. It is a blend of Tren Acetate(100mg) and Test Propionate(100mg), both fast acting steroids. This blend works well for increasing strength and muscle density quickly. TNT 200 is perfect for those wanting a hard look without any water retention.


Recommended dosage: 400mg-600mg per week

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What is TNT 200?

TNT 200 is an injectable steroid which contains the testosterone-like hormone nandrolone. It can be injected intramuscularly (injected directly into the muscle tissue) or subcutaneously (injected under the skin).

Recommended Use of TNT 200?

TNT is a popular steroid among athletes because it is highly effective in building muscle mass and increasing strength, while also being less likely to have side effects than testosterone. TNT 200 Steroids are manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Gen-Shi Laboratories of Japan. They were developed specifically for bodybuilders and athletes seeking dramatic muscle gains without undesirable estrogenic side-effects.

TNT 200 Steroids are highly recommended for athletes looking to build strength and muscle, but desiring limited or non-existent water weight gain from the steroid use. TNT 200 is mainly successful as a bulking steroid because of its ability to increase red blood cell production, resulting in greater endurance and increased oxygen in the blood. It is also effective in increasing glycogen storage which can help to improve nutrient absorption for greater gains, while fighting off fatigue during intense workouts.

What are the side effects of TNT 200?

Side effects of TNT 200 Steroids include: acne, hair loss, hair growth on the body (especially face), high blood pressure, increased or decreased sex drive, erectile dysfunction, and mood swings. If you have liver damage, kidney damage, prostate cancer or breast cancer, you should not take TNT 200. Women who are pregnant or nursing should avoid contacting TNT 200 because it is a steroid with strong virilizing effects. Men who are taking testosterone replacement therapy need to be aware that combining the medications can cause an adverse effect.

How to use TNT 200 Steroids?

Female athletes should start with 3mg of Nandrolone-E 200 every day, for 5 weeks. This will create a stable hormonal condition without any side effects that could alter the psychological state of an athlete. For male athletes, it is strongly recommended to take 4mg of Nandrolone a day, up to 10 weeks. After 10 weeks the dosage needs to be reduced to 2mg per day for another 4 weeks.

Recommended Cycles For TNT 200

In general, it is recommended that athletes use this steroid for 12-16 weeks in cycles of 8-10 weeks. In order to avoid overtraining and any negative effects on the nervous system and joints, it is important to take a break in between cycles.

It is also necessary to use other supplements along with TNT 200 Steroids in order to achieve maximum results. Furthermore, when stacking TNT 200 with other types of steroids, the athletes need to be careful not to overdose on any one product and follow appropriate dosage instructions.

What are the best steroids to use with TNT 200?

There are many options for stacking TNT 200 Steroids. It can be stacked with both oral and injectable types of anabolic/androgenic steroids. Some examples include: Anavar, Dianabol, Deca-Durabolin, Sustanon 250, Halotestin, Parabolan, Primobolan Depot, Oral Turinabol.

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