What Are the Best Steroids For Cutting?

If you’re trying to lose that stubborn belly fat and love handles, then you might be tempted to try steroids. They can definitely help give you a boost in motivation and strength to push through the tough times on your diet and exercise routine, but there’s more than just one brand of steroid out there. It all depends on what your goals with your cycle are. Some steroids might be better suited for bulking, while others will focus more on cutting.


Masteron is a good choice if you’re looking for “cutting steroids”. It’s a drostanolone, which means it will burn up your muscles pretty quickly. Put simply, that means you’ll shed the fat fast. Keep in mind though that if you do choose to use Masteron, give yourself at least two full weeks off from working out afterward.

The best time to take this steroid is in week three or four of your cycle when you’re already leaning down. It’s not good to take Masteron before the end of your bulk because it will prevent new muscle growth. As for injection dosage, most people inject between 50-100mg every other day.


Another good choice is Winstrol tablets. Like Masteron, Winstrol is a dromostanolone drug, which means it will burn fat quickly and effectively without adding new muscle. Instead, you’ll see water retention and stronger muscle definition as your muscles get smaller and harder.

If you’re taking Winstrol before the end of your bulk cycle, make sure to give yourself at least one full week off afterward to let your muscles recover. When taking Winstrol, you might also want to consider adding Clenbuterol because it will further reduce your appetite and help you stay lean while bulking up.

The recommended dosage of Winstrol is 50mg every other day or 100mg per day for beginners. You should not take more than 600mg per week.


Another option is Anavar, which is a variation of Oxandrolone, so it has similar effects and stacks up similarly to Winstrol and Masteron. Like Winstrol and Masteron, Anavar will help you lose weight by burning away the excess water that builds up in your muscles when you’re bulking up.

Anavar is the mildest steroid on this list and will also give you the least side effects, so it’s a good choice for beginners who want to gain muscle but don’t know how to take steroids yet. However, keep in mind that Anavar has no effect on burning fat and won’t help you cut down.

If you’re trying to lose that belly fat, then Anavar is not for you. However, it’s a great choice if you’re new to taking steroids and want to maintain your gains after your bulk ends. Just like with Winstrol and Masteron, give yourself at least one week off from working out after you end your cycle.

The recommended dosage for Anavar is 10-30mg every other day. You should not exceed 40mg per day or 20mg if you’re a beginner.

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